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We would love to tell you about some of our recent projects and what people have been saying!

Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO)

Problem: Their missionaries were spending a great deal of time receiving schedules from the study group attendees, matching up common free times, and communicating with those attendees.

Solution: A customized registration form and enrolment database was created. We then provided a group builder to, with a few clicks, complete a task that would have taken hours. We then provided them with an attendance tracker so they can maximimze their effectiveness reaching their attendees

Angele says: "Thank-you for the scheduling tool you designed. It has made a HUGE difference on campus! It is much easier to make sure that no student falls through the cracks."
Alana says: "Thank you for designing our online faith study tool. It has been a huge help in scheduling studies this semester, giving us more time to meet and visit with students!"

Nazareth Family Apostolate

Problem: Their website was badly in need of an update

Solution: We fully redesigned the website giving it a fresh look and feel. We added features they really wanted like a photo gallery and an events page.
While working with the group we discovered that their registration process was time consuming so we added an online form synced with Google Drive to allow for quick and easy registration and tracking.

Nazareth Registrant: "Registration was so simple this year! No paper for that we forget to send for months, just online registration done in minutes. Looking forward to seeing everyone this summer!"

Ottawa Cursillo Movement

Problem: With the sheer number of members their current database was difficult to manage, search and provide the reports that they wanted

Solution: We fully redesigned their database. We added an registration tracking page, customized search functionality and many customized reports to help the volunteers in their rolls.